Welcome To My World!

Welcome To My World!

Hani Ameri Successful Life's Journey and the Great Leap of Faith

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Hani's Leap of Faith & Success

The most rewarding thing I have ever done is ” Teaching people how to change their lives”.
My goal is to build a Legacy by helping as many people as I can to achieve Ultimate Freedom simply by working Online.

Hani Ameri is the Co-founder of two Successful Food Processing Factories in the Middle East, in addition to a Chain of Supermarkets and one Restaurant. 

My success came as a logical outcome to my unbelievable hard work for the last thirty years and due to the great values I am proud to hold throughout my life journey.

Honesty in my work shows itself in always telling the truth to my clients. I will never lie about work-related costs or potential problems. I have never given in to the temptation to defraud a client or to take more than my fair share. This emphasis on truthfulness in my work has paid off in dividends with dedicated clients who know that they can always trust me to do what is right by them.

My integrity is similar to my honesty in that it focuses on truthfulness in all my business dealings. However, it also goes further than that by ensuring that I keep my code of conduct above board at all times. My moral values play a big role in my work. These ethical and moral principles have always guided me in my relationships with my business partners and my clients.

My work ethics tell me that working hard pays off both for me and for my clients. I use my time wisely so that my day is never wasted. I care about my job and my clients and that shows in how I do my daily work. My work ethics not only help me manage my time well but also help me keep my mind on the job rather than allowing it to drift to personal concerns. My clients can trust that I will always be working hard for them and doing the best that I can.

My focus when working is laser-sharp. There are many things that seek to distract me in my work, such as emails, telephone calls, family needs and even well-meaning work requests. However, when I choose to work on one project at a time, I know that I am showing my clients how important they are to me. Plus, keeping a sharp focus on the tasks of the day helps me work faster and get more accomplished than I otherwise could.

Not every day in the digital marketing world is bright and perfect. Some days, it can be easy to feel low, to be unmotivated for my work, or to feel concerned about imminent work deadlines. My determination sees me through every day, including both the good and the bad days. I have always been determined to make my independent business work and to give my clients confidence in my marketing projects. I am also determined to try new ideas constantly.

Bravery means that I am not afraid to put myself out there for my clients. It requires courage to try something new as well as the confidence to put a new plan into action. In digital marketing, I have realized that not every plan will work perfectly. However, to me, bravery means that I will not be scared to try again and that I will not let doubt stop me from pushing ahead to my goals.

Sometimes, too much focus at work can consume one’s desire for creativity. The cure for that is remaining curious. I have constantly nourished my creativity at work by keeping my eyes open to new ideas and by remaining willing to learn something new at every step in my career. Curiosity is incredibly powerful because it helps me find a new information and gives me the impetus to explore new possibilities for growing my business and helping my clients.

By focusing on freedom in my work, I have allowed myself to make use of what I have learned through my bravery and curiosity in being open to new concepts. This freedom has played out in big ways for my clients. There have been many times that I have tried something new in marketing and it has proven to provide a major breakthrough for one of my clients. Freedom has also allowed me to be happier and to feel more fulfilled in my work.

Empathy allows me to understand my clients and also to take on their feelings about certain projects so that we can be on the same page and better accomplish marketing goals together. For me, empathy also embodies compassion so that I always listen to my clients’ concerns and take their needs into consideration at every step of the creative and implementation processes. Part of the way that I put this value to work is by always taking time to listen, asking thoughtful questions and never making assumptions.

My sincerity goes along with my focus on honesty in that it allows my clients to gain a complete and accurate picture of who I am. Sincerity in my work relationships develops trust between myself and those with whom I work. I do not have a hidden agenda in my work, and I am always looking out for the needs of my clients rather than focusing on myself.

I place no value on money, luxuries, or exquisite surroundings, we enter this life with nothing, and we leave it with nothing, so each of us is here to learn and execute something.

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Fatima loves writing about entrepreneurship, project management, and SaaS.
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Ali Ameri

A computer engineer – in the making – committed to improving the quality of others’ lives.
Ali has been a self-made man since he was a child, so he is a tech-savvy genius with tons of Skills.

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Public Relations, responsible for Social Media Marketing, Outsourcing, and an Outreach specialist.
It’s not that easy to locate Manar because she likes the idea of being always Jet- lagged.

" When you concentrate your energy purposely on the future possibility that you aspire to realize, your energy is passed on to it and makes it attracted to you with a force stronger than the one you directed towards it. "

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