5 Best Translation Software for Businesses [ 2022 ]

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With the world increasingly becoming globalized, the demand for language translation software grows.

Especially if you are running a business or an organization and aim to expand your reach as much as possible, translation services are a must-have.

Does your business need translation software


Almost 59% of businesses face the challenge of language barriers when they wish to expand their horizon and tap into new potential markets.

The current size of the language services in the UK alone can be estimated to be between  £1.5 and 1.7 billion in 2021.

Here are a few reasons why…

  • When a brand goes global, it needs to approach the targeted audience and establish a comfortable and trusting relationship. Every business needs translation software and services that can help them avoid looking like an ‘outsider’ and portray themselves as local. You do not just need content translation but also localization and transcreation, so that your content retains the core message but is tailored in a fashion that your local audience can relate to it. Not only does it help in brand engagement, but it can also help you boost your sales.
  • Going global with your business means communicating with people who do not understand your language. It can include hiring foreign employees or building relationships with foreign companies. Whether you need to draft a contract document for your employee or communicate effectively with the other business, translation software is convenient.
  • Considering the worldwide popularity of streaming websites and platforms, demand for translation services grows. The users wish to watch their favorite TV shows and movies in their native language or at least be able to read the subtitles. Considering the complexity of languages, meeting all subtitle demands can be difficult. For that, streaming platforms require assistance in navigating through languages without affecting the essence of their content.
  • Translation software and services enhance your brand visibility throughout the global market and establish a positive brand reputation. This enables the business to run smoothly in any foreign country.

Key features to look out for

Here are the essential features that you need to search for to help you decide which translation software can be most helpful to your business.

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1. Translation memory

The translation memory focuses on saving every single sentence or sentence fragment that you translate into its database.

This action means that you or your team no longer have to solve a word twice in the same language.

The saved terms can be reused whenever you need the translation again without spending another minute. Not only does it save time but effort as well.

1. Glossary

Every business has jargon or industry-specific terms that constantly need to be used. This is where the Glossary comes in.

It ensures no ambiguity in the content and that the words are consistently translated.

This feature is convenient in software localization, where technical terms are often used.

2. Machine translations

Machine translations offer automated suggestions regarding translations.

It can help speed up the translation turnaround time and prove cost-effective.

While it may not fulfill the quality standards set forth by most organizations, it can be instrumental in translating small and basic sentence structures.

3. Version control

Your content is bound to change in this software-driven world.

The English source can change even when things are in translation.

Rather than translating the entire range repeatedly, you can use version control.

It will work on your new versions while keeping your previous content integrity intact.

When both versions are prepared, you can merge them and resolve any identified conflict.

4. Real-time collaborative teamwork

Since your business is expanded all over the globe, you will need a team who can help you with your content translations.

Spread worldwide; it might be challenging to ensure that your team effort is synchronized.

You need a collaborative function in translation software that allows multiple users to log into the platform simultaneously from different locations.

It will enable them to share work, ideas, and assignments without communicating outside of the platform in real-time.

This allows time-saving, quicker communication and ensures data security for your company.

5. Quality control

While your team may be the best and the brightest at their jobs, there is always room for human error. The slightest slip can be crucial, whether punctuation, spelling or a formatting mistake.

With quality control assurance in your translation software, the system will identify any mistakes within the content and recommend solutions. This ensures that your data is consistent, optimized, rechecked, and allows no space for error.

English Letters

Apart from the features mentioned above, there are various other features you need to understand and comprehend before deciding upon your favorite translation software for 2022.

A Deeper Look Into 5 Best Translation Software 2022

When we talk about the translation of languages, the first thing that pops into our head is Google translate.

And why not?

It is a go-to option for thousands of people.

However, when we operate a business or an organization, we need our content to be more precise, standardized, and accurate.

There can be no room for error or even the slightest slip.

Hence, that is where the translation software comes into the picture, promising calculated precision with no room for oversight.

Let us put our glasses on and take a deeper look into the five best translation software for businesses in 2022.



Crowdin cannot be overlooked when listing down the best translation software of 2022.

If you are looking for a user-friendly CAT tool, Crowdin is your best bid.

It is a localization management platform that organizes and stores all your files and Web assets in one place. Not just a mere translator, it helps users connect remotely in one space, creating a Cyber office situation.

One can view all progress in real-time, eliminating the need for a developer with its easily accessible interface.

It is widely prevalent among marketing teams and global enterprises.

Easily integrated with Google Play, Android Studio, and VS Code, it is accessible through several electronic devices.

Website Interface

This translation software enables the user to search for Trade Mark information, and its web tools recently added many new languages.


Free Trial Period

Pro: $40 per month and above

Team: $140 per month and above

The Pros:

It is lightweight software and does not take up too much of your RAM, enabling the user to run it quickly and smoothly.

  • Any problems running this translation software can be solved quickly and efficiently thanks to the prompt response from their FAQs and email.

The Cons:

  • Lack of online videos or material available to serve as tutorials for any How-Tos to help navigate the user through the software.


A translating software specifically for app development, website development, and games, LingoHub allows real-time app development and translation and syncs with tools like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Azure.

With a versatile API and intuitive interfaces, it is one of the best translation software of 2022. LingoHub has a customizable Translation Management System and allows machine translation and automation (for repetitive tasks and tasks that the AI can predict) with a global reach.


Website Interface

Editors can easily access the app through Android or iOS gadgets.

This just might be what you are looking for.


To be paid annually, the packages are as follows:

  • Starter Plan: €24 a month
  • Basic Plan: €49 a month
  • Professional Plan: €99 a month
  • Enterprise Plan: Available as per requirement

The Pros:

  • Live online training options are available.
  •  It has vast customization options that are helpful in app development, making it one of the best translation software of 2022.

The cons:

  • It has some problems following the script (Urdu, Arabic, Farsi)


In the world of audio files and document texts, Pairaphrase is probably the best translation software available. It is a CAT tool that allows voiceover translations. The user merely has to upload a script and can obtain an audio translation in up to 18 languages. With a variety of futuristic features, Pairaphrase allows any text file to be translated into more than 10,000 languages around the globe.

The output format system sets it apart by automatically allowing the translated document to be formatted to the given requirement.

Website Interface

Pricing Plans:

  • Tokyo: $3,399 with 60,000 words per year, allowing up to 2 users
  • Paris: $5,988 with 12000,000 words per year and up to 5 users
  • Hong Kong: $10,999 with 36,000,000 words per year, allowing up to 10 users
  • New York: $19,999 and 7200,000 words per year, allowing up to 25 users


Vast languages allow for any niche or unique language to be within reach


The formatting can glitch or change spacing, miss put bullet points, and numbering.


An absolute favorite for content writers, Weglot stands unmatched in multilingual SEO, allowing translation of titles, metadata, and URLs. It is listed among the best translation software and can be compatible with CMS like WordPress, Shopify, etc.

This software’s machine translation automatically detects any new or old content on the website that might need a translation. Thanks to its step-by-step wizard, it is easily used by people with little to no technical expertise and can easily be set up without coding knowledge.

Website Interface


The packages are set for several words and are as follows:

  • Starter: €99
  • Business: €190
  • Pro: €490
  • Advanced: €1990
  • Extended: €4990

Corporate packages begin at €9990 onwards.


  • The software demonstrates how the website will look before going live, and it looks exactly like the original site.
  • Its SEO functions and integration are beneficial for bloggers.


  • Adds unnecessary translations at times.


Everyone knows the best translation software of 2022 is unarguably TextUnited. Enabling audio and video translation via speech recognition, TextUnited is truly remarkable software. It has translation memories and machine translation that can fast-track content localization.

It can sync with web-based collaborative platforms like ZenDesk and Sharepoint, which allow for better connections and customer service for the user.

TextUnited incorporates many translation tools, and a variety of choices can help customize the website, documents, or other work efficiently.

Its localization includes content management, making it easier to automate tasks while ensuring the best outcome possible.

Website Interface

Not only user friendly, but it also generates spending reports to make translations as cost-effective as possible.


Free TextUnited offers a 14-day test trial

Basic € 60 a month

Essential € 240 a month


  • Amicable and helpful support team.
  • Does not require additional in-house tools like Excel as it offers complete workflow.
  • Allows easy and effective communication between all the staff working on the project.


  • Each segment requires manual confirmation, making it a little tedious.
  • Google crawlers cannot read new or translated parts, making it inefficient in SEO.
  • The downloaded app is faster and works better since the online version often freezes.

Final Thoughts

With the world constantly evolving, businesses need to keep up. The translation will always be a primary focus for any business that wishes to expand globally and address a worldwide market.

When choosing your favorite translation software for 2022, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

  • Pricing
  • Industry translation requirements
  • Key features of the software
  • Proofreading
  • User interface
  • Technical and customer support

Whether you choose Weglot or any other software for your business needs, your main goal needs to be that your customers are provided with top-notch translation quality while saving time and money.

Now that you know the five best translation software of 2022, we hope you make an informed choice that helps your business or organization move higher up the global market ladder.

If you think you learned insightful data regarding translation software and wish to share your feelings with us, please drop your comments below.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.



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