Editorial Guidance

Hello there, 
Hani Ameri here, let me make it so clear to you by answering the frequently asked question;
What is your Editorial Process?

Well, the core part of my mission here is to improve the quality of information and mental health advice for people around the world.

I’ve built a multidisciplinary team to help me research, outline, and fact-check the content.

Sometimes you’ll find – Evidence-Based – articles.

You could come across a – Fact Checked – posts.

Others express specific Points of View OR highlight some Theories.

The content under the – evidence-based – category comes from academic research in Psychology, Economics, Online business, Digital Marketing, Politics, etc.

One of the most challenging parts of my Blogging Career is to spend a lot of time digging into studies and ensuring that they are well-replicated and based upon a sound research base.

It’s worth mentioning that many of the site articles are descriptive rather than prescriptive, which means that they describe specific issues or historical events without necessarily giving advice.

Although some articles are not based on academic research directly, they are based on the knowledge and expertise of the arena.

There is a high level of theoretical content in some of these articles.

It is possible to find more tangible ideas in other articles.

Many opinions, points of view, or personal stories are presented in this blog.

Posts cannot be regarded as research or scientific fact but rather as reflections of my values and opinions.