What You Can Do to Make Sure You’re Doing Well in Life

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When people do well in life, they don’t try to imitate what they’ve done and don’t judge others.

Instead, they try to understand the other person’s situation.

After all, everyone has a story to tell, and we never know what went on behind closed doors.

People who do well in life also understand how to manage their emotional and mental well-being.

When you look through the social media profiles of influencers sharing their glamorous and successful lifestyles, do you wonder how they accomplished their goals?

Like many others, if you faced struggles, fears, and goals that weren’t accomplished, you may have later felt frustrated about your progress as you looked back on your own life.

When you think of all the things you must do to ensure that you can maintain your current lifestyle, you might wonder why your life seems so miserable while others seem to live such a joyful life.

Additionally, you feel like you are hugely behind in life due to everything you’ve been through, which makes you feel like you’re failing.

Comparing oneself to others is now easier than ever, which causes many of us to wonder if we’re doing well.

Because we are so focused on what others are doing and achieving, it is hard to acknowledge our progress due to social media and societal expectations.

Although it seems so, the grass is not always greener on the other side, even if it might seem so at first glance.

Often, we assume that others are doing better because we only see the brif, and that’s partly because our idea of what a “good life” should be, is so screwed up because of unrealistic expectations.

Some people might show you pictures of their big houses and fancy vacations, but you don’t know how peaceful or miserable they feel in those houses or on those vacations.

Overall, what is considered good and better can entirely depend on your standpoint. You can be happy with very little or own anything yet feel miserable.

It’s good to note that whether or not you are doing well in life appears to be essentially a function of small elements we can realize and implement:


Celebrate Your Wins and Others

Celebrating wins is a great way to motivate yourself and boost your confidence. Small wins can be as simple as receiving a promotion or walking away from a lousy job.

Big wins can be more complicated, such as finishing a degree or starting a college fund for your children. Even small victories are worth celebrating because they’re essential to achieving your larger goal.

If you’re an individual who has achieved something terrifying, it’s a good idea to celebrate that achievement.

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Maybe you’re shy and didn’t think you’d be able to do something, but you overcame the fear and achieved something new.

The results may not be immediately evident to others, but they were remarkable and rewarding to you.

Small wins should be celebrated by treating yourself to a day at the spa, a movie, or a new outfit.

Whether it’s an expensive gift or a small purchase, responsibly celebrating these wins can keep you motivated to achieve your goals.

You should also celebrate the wins of others by sharing your stories with your friends and colleagues. Celebrate their successes, and you’ll inspire others to achieve their goals.

Seek the Truth Rather Than Shallow Information

People who are shallow in their thinking tend to seek information that supports their worldview and have little room for metacognition.


This type of thinking, known as confirmation bias, prevents us from understanding the truth and creates an imbalance in our bodies.

Our brains release dopamine when we find information that supports our current beliefs.

This type of thinking may make us feel better in the short term, but it can negatively impact others.


Know What You Don’t Want

Generally speaking, people will tell you that you need to know what you want in this life, but the truth is, discovering what you don’t want is just much more important.

I would say that it is a huge step forward if you already know that you do not want a typical office job, even if you are not sure what it specifically is that you are looking for.

It might not be clear to you right now what a perfect relationship would look like, but you may know precisely what you do not want based on your experiences in the past.

Just having this information is enough to help you make the right decisions.


Build a Circle with Like-minded and Happy People

Having a supportive circle can make the difference between achieving your goals and settling for less.

You must surround yourself with positive people to raise the bar of success and improve your quality of life.

For example, you can meet like-minded people who are successful in their own right.

You can exchange ideas and miseries with them and learn from their experiences.

Building a circle of positive people can help you overcome the loneliness you feel.

Feeling alone can lead to depression and self-doubt.

You’re less likely to feel alone if you surround yourself with people who share your beliefs, interests, and mindset; you’re less likely to feel alone.

Your inner circle is your tribe of friends who can help you grow, contribute to society, and enrich your life.

Set Certain Goals and Envision Your Future

Having an objective and vision for your life is crucial to achieving success.

While you should not react to the circumstances or “go with the flow,” it is essential to understand that you have the power to shape your life.

Viktor Frankl once noted;

“You can make your life anything you want, but you have to know what you want first.”

Having multiple goals may make achieving each of them difficult.

Make sure you make your goal list as simple and achievable as possible, and set milestones.

Set Goals words

Using a planner or checklist can help you put theory into practice. For instance, a life goal worksheet will help you set short-term and long-term goals.

Another helpful tool is the Ifs, Ands, and Buts Worksheet.

These tools will help you identify obstacles and keep yourself motivated.

Setting goals is essential for every person

When deciding what you want to do in life, you should consider your interests and values to determine what you want to do in life.

Then you can make a plan to reach your goal.

Goal-setting can help you accomplish your goals and envision your future in the most meaningful way possible.

It is essential to realize that setting goals can be a daunting task and sometimes even seem impossible.

Nonetheless, if you plan well, you will achieve success.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Help If You Need it

Don’t be afraid to admit that you’re feeling low, even if it’s a small part of your day. Even though you may think you’re average, feeling down is never an excuse to stop trying to live life to the fullest.

Whether you’re unhappy at work or in love, talking to a professional is OK.

This person will help you alleviate your stress and find validation within yourself.

If you feel lost, seek the help of a trusted friend, relative, or professional.

Woman asking for help

They may know someone going through similar struggles or a great organization in the community. Ask your friend if they’d like to share their expertise.

Not all people are happy to offer advice, but they can be an excellent source of information.

You may even be surprised how much they’ll appreciate your effort in making a difference in someone’s life.


Don’t Follow The Trends

In terms of trends, it is unnecessary to keep up with them all, and you can say no to materialism in any way you prefer.

In my opinion, this is a fact that most people will never accept.

Most people make their buying decisions based on what they think society and ads tell them to buy, and similarly, they make big decisions in life based on those trends.

Getting out of that cycle isn’t always easy, but it’s possible, and you can live your life the way you want without following every trend.

Newspapers and Magazines

The majority of people live paycheck to paycheck because they have to pay many monthly payments for expensive items that prove their status.

You can detach yourself from that pressure to constantly buy things you don’t even care about by making more thoughtful choices, so you can spend your money on something that makes you happy instead of useless games.

Shockingly, so many people think that owning material possessions and feeling successful will make them feel happier and more successful when they end up doing is miserable and drowning in debt due to consumer purchases.

Genuine happiness isn’t created by “things” such as possessions or material things but based on relationships and our inner emotions.

Acknowledge and Admit The Mistakes You’ve Made

If you’ve ever done something wrong, acknowledging it and owning up to it is a critical step to success.

Initially, mistakes are looked at as negative, but once you recognize that you made a mistake, it becomes an opportunity to learn.

Taking responsibility for your errors allows you to develop more vigorous habits and processes that will help you succeed in life.

As difficult as it can be, it’s necessary to acknowledge and admit your mistakes if you want to move forward.

Even though you may feel a sense of relief after admitting your mistake, you may also face additional challenges.

Denying errors will increase your stress levels, erode your credibility, and make you look reckless.

The most important thing is to realize that the best way to improve yourself is to acknowledge and admit your mistakes.

When making mistakes, you’ll probably want to seek out a mentor.

A mentor can give you invaluable insight into your job or challenging situations.

Regardless of your role, you should look for lessons from your mistakes. Even if you can’t make them all, they can show you where you need to improve.

By picking out the lessons from these mistakes, you’ll be better prepared to handle the problems that come your way.


Final thoughts

 If you stay patient and allow yourself to discover new growth opportunities slowly, you’ll eventually end up exactly where you want to be.

As a human being, we all wish that we had a bit more stability and security in our lives, but the truth is that it is not possible.

Every time we face an obstacle, we learn something new about ourselves and the world we’re living in.

We need to take the time to appreciate the progress we have already made as well as constantly strive to be happier, healthier, and wealthier, even if we always want to improve ourselves.

After all, life is finite, and you cannot extend it forever.

Therefore, what is the point of constantly chasing new goals if we never sit down and enjoy the sunset or watch the horizon until our feet hurt?




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