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My great parents

Two men

I am excited to introduce myself to you so that you can better understand the man I am today. Of course, there have been many people behind the scenes who have supported me through the years. I would not be who I am today without these people and the important roles that they have played in my life. I would not be who I am today without the love and support of my amazing parents. Their guidance and support has moulded me into the man I am today. By the support of my Great Parents, I have overcame so many obstacles in my life that have led me to become the person I am today.

Even though I was raised in less than ideal living conditions because of the poor village that I came from, I rose beyond the challenges. In spite of the difficulties I faced, I was considered one of the top students in my school. I received high marks and values because of my determination to rise beyond the situations around me. I prospered with my drive to succeed and learn.

My village

My life began in hot, sunny Babylon, Iraq, in 1962. My childhood was much like any other, and there were certainly many adult influencers who showed me through school and everyday activities, how much I could accomplish if I just put my mind and heart into what I was doing. Growing up just south of Baghdad in a region steeped in history helped show me how cultures are shaped. I also was able to observe many different people in this metropolitan area. This helped me get to know the culture of my region and understand more about what my neighbours wanted out of life. I believe that being able to observe these human characteristics throughout my formative years helped lay the groundwork for who I would become and the work that I would eventually do.

My Small city- Al-Hillah

My High School

My high school was in a better area than I was raised, where families with better opportunities and living conditions surrounded me. I had more positive experiences and opportunities because of these new conditions, and I benefited from the new landscape that was around me. I took the time to invest in myself by devoting my free time to acquire more learning. I knew that my way out began with my studies and learning as much as I could. I attended cultural events and festivals when I had the chance to. I took a hold of any chances I had to break out of the obstacles that limited me by learning and seizing opportunities.

Baghdad University Graduate

By the time I was 24 years old , I had graduated from Baghdad University, which I was fortunate to attend close to home. This is the largest university in Iraq and the second largest in Asia, which puts it into a unique circle of influence in the region. While today the university is proud to be in the top rankings for best research universities located around the world, it was a great university with excellent professors and top academics when I attended in the 1980s. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in business in 1986, a time when businesses were really beginning to change and make way for new technologies and shifts in the ways that consumers interacted with them. By staying at the top of my class throughout my time at Baghdad University and by focusing heavily on my studies, I was able to score full marks throughout my tenure at the university and was able to build a solid foundation for myself and for my future endeavours.

Baghdad University

Iraqi Political Setback

Iraqi Political Setback

In the 80s and 90s, I felt like I was constantly surrounded by turmoil and strife. There were political struggles happening in my country between 1980 to 1991, which negatively impacted the Political, Security and the Economic situations of my home country of Iraq. I acknowledged the problems that were happening to my country and my resolute was to no longer focus all of my life to studying and learning. At this point in my life, I knew that I needed to take chances that would positively impact my life. I began my first project in 1990, but it was not a simple journey. I knew that my journey would include more hard work and dedication, which I was used to. I knew that there would be plenty of risks, but there would also be adventures. There were economic fluctuations and a financial crisis that happened in 1995 that negatively impacted my life and those around me. During this time, the Oil for the Food program ( launched by the UN ), that was happening in Iraq left us in a terrible economic situation. We lost all of our money and we started from scratch over again. I continued to believe there was a better life out there for myself and my family.

As I was running my Supermarket business in my small Home town, I was proud to own something that was so necessary for everyday life for people of all backgrounds and all income levels. By focusing on what my customers truly wanted and by ensuring that I constantly watched economic, cultural and private indicators of what my customers needed, I was quickly able to build up my supermarket business, spreading out my reach to many other areas and cities of all sizes around my hometown. Today, my supermarket is a chain, proudly serving thousands of people every day.

However, I was not content to let my business abilities lie stagnant. Therefore, I branched out into the manufacturing industry in 2000, another good period to become involved in this brand-new endeavour of mine. With the expanding population throughout the world, manufacturing continues to be heavily needed for making all types of items for people of all socioeconomic levels. Because I ran this new endeavour of mine with the same head for smart business that I used when opening my supermarkets, it has continued to succeed to this day, remaining open and providing many jobs for local individuals. Throughout my entire career, I was always my own Boss.

My Factory in Jordan

Unbelievable Working Hours

During these years, I remained incredibly busy both in my personal and my work life. Work, however, was my primary focus. I have always believed in hard work for making capable, successful individuals, and I have seen that work out in my own life. Most days, I worked 15 to 18 hours, leaving little time for sleep or a social life. In fact, I rarely if ever took time off on the weekends, and I worked all the year around, no matter what the weather was like, what holidays were coming up or how tired I was. I am proud of this period of hard work. It not only helped me build successful businesses but also helped form me into the man I am today.

Manar Supermarket

During these years, I remained incredibly busy both in my personal and my work life. Work, however, was my primary focus. I have always believed in hard work for making capable, successful individuals, and I have seen that work out in my own life. Most days, I worked 15 to 18 hours, leaving little time for sleep or a social life. In fact, I rarely if ever took time off on the weekends, and I worked all the year around, no matter what the weather was like, what holidays were coming up or how tired I was. I am proud of this period of hard work. It not only helped me build successful businesses but also helped form me into the man I am today.

My Wedding Day on 19/05/1994

I faced another difficult situation because of my desire to survive. I knew I had to rebuild myself and focus on the new challenges. During this time, I continued to work very hard for my family and my health. Things continued to take a turn for the worse because of the changing political climate in Iraq. The political regime in Iraq began shifting in 2003, which led to a devastating collapse of the security and economic wellbeing of Iraq and the people who lived there. I knew I had to face another difficult decision in order to survive. My wellbeing and livelihood depending on it. My only choice was to leave my country. I knew that moving to another home would positively impact my health and increase my family’s chances of survival. I moved to Jordan in 2005, which started my journey from Iraq to a new home and a fresh start. Then, two years later I decided to make a second move. In 2007, I relocated to the United Kingdom for another fresh start.

My Beloved Family

Moving to London

In 2007, the family planned to relocate to the United Kingdom. By that point, my health had been suffering, but a new climate and numerous lifestyle changes helped to turn the tide in my physical health at that point. I learned how my habits have a great impact on how I feel both mentally and physically. By focusing on living a clean, healthy life, I have gradually seen my health improve, which has allowed me to focus on those things that are most important to me. For example, I now have plenty of time for reading and studying. Books truly open the world up to readers and help individuals learn about cultures, societal changes, history, business, and more.

In addition, I have spent much of my free time in the past decade traveling. This is a primary passion of mine and has been so for many years. In fact, I have made tens of trips around the world. Some have been for my business as I have worked to grow it and keep it successful. Other trips have been purely about pleasure as I sightsee, take in amazing natural beauty and always watch and learn from people of different countries. My goal has been to explore the world around me while absorbing the positive habits of every culture that I observe.

I point to my positivity and my passion to help those who are in need as key shapers of my life. It is the mind, thoughts and passions that affect the actions, and this has certainly proven to be the case in my life. I like to take a hands-on approach in my travels. As I have seen the numerous needs of people, my heart has expanded in its desire for me to do my part in easing suffering and poverty around the world. It is not just my own country that needs help, but people around the world face numerous financially crippling situations every year. I am currently supporting many Needy Families financially, and I also help people who need the means to get married, who need support to start a fresh life and who need cures for their physical ailments. Of course, the people of the world need more than just financial support to create beautiful and satisfying lives for themselves and their families. They also need emotional support to make the right decisions, physical support to change their lifestyles and create healthy habits for themselves and wisdom to find time freedom so that they can do the things about which they are passionate rather than solely focusing on work. I work hard to make these dreams come true for them.

Giving back

Giving back to my society has been an important goal in my life. In 2014, I decided to donate 30% of the Profit that I gained from all of my business ventures to many causes. I reached out to anyone who I knew could benefit from my desire to give. I contributed money to charities in Iraq and Jordan, to individuals and families in dire financial situations. Other money went towards helping sick people and families who needed medical treatment. I also thought it was important to put some of my money towards helping young people to get married. I tried to help in any means possible, since I wanted others who grew up in the same poor conditions as myself to survive. I wanted to give others the same opportunities that I had.

Services Business in London

Moving to the United Kingdom gave me a fresh start and a new opportunity. During my time in the United Kingdom, I set-up a travel agency business that is going well . However, one negative trait I have discovered is my urge to immediately take action to help others. I find myself impulsively acting on these my desire to help others and their situations. I base most of my need to help others on my childhood and my need to learn and pull myself out of that situation. I help others in any way possible, whether it’s teaching them to manage a healthy lifetime or helping them make the most out of the internet and technology. I try to inspire the will to learn into others, as it has greatly impacted my lifestyle and where I am today. For many years, I have built a life that has equipped me with many skills, knowledge and values that I have used and continue to use to serve the community. I hope to pass along these skills and values to the benefit of others.

My success has come both from within and without myself. I have always sought to surround myself with successful people as well as with those who have positive outlooks on life. This has helped to encourage me when I have felt down and has also shown me what is truly important in life. While I have been successful in business, I do not place my worth on the amount of money that I have, nor have I sought to surround myself constantly with all the luxuries available to me or with exquisite surroundings. Instead, I seek to use my money in humanitarian ways to support those less fortunate than I am. This is my goal for the rest of my life.

I often like to think of myself and my life passions as a waterfall. The water constantly pouring over the edge of the precipice is all the love and passion in my heart that overflows from my life and pours onto those deserving individuals around me who have not been as fortunate as I have been in life. When I have plenty in my own life, I can give to those around me and make a real difference in the world.

I want to help others in the way that I have been inspired and by the hopes and dreams that I have had the chance to fulfil. Two years ago I happened upon a great opportunity to gain valuable insight from mentors who supported me and taught me about the Digital Lifestyle. I have enjoyed such amazing and successful experiences in my time as an Online Business Owner.